Top 5 hollywood movies i have ever seen

Hiii friends, welcome to blog, here following are 5 hollywood movies which i like most.

    1 Inception

    Inception is top class movie directed by C nollen, based upon world of dreams.

    2 Matrix

    Matrix is a super dooper movie in which can amaze you by its concept.

    3 Lucy

    Lucy – a scarlet Johnson movie based upon evolution of human being. Must watch.

    4 Avengers – infinity war & endgame

    Avengers infinity war and Avengers end game is total one class movie based upon fights of superheroes with Thanos.

    5 Doctor strange

    Doctor strange is another marvel movie which can give you a taste of so called spiritual powers. Powers shown in the movie are not original spiritual power though it is wonderfull movie.

    6 The november man

    It is bit old movie but really best movie based on spy game.

    Others – Twilight, Batman – the dark knight, Final destination Ironman, are other movies which i liked most.

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