tha geometry of the comos.

Questioner;In India,it is a traditionto bow down at the feet of a Realized Being or a Guru.Is there any significance behind this.

Sadhguru;In yoga, there is something called pada shastra.”pada” means”the foot, ” particularly the soles of the feet.In many ways, all the switches to turn on almost everything in you are there in your feet,if you know how to do it.

when it comes to receiving,your hands are powerful instruments.If you are sensitive,if you touch anything with your hands,you will immediately know what it is.If you touch it with your shoulder or you back or the back yor head,you will not know what it is, but if you touch it with your hands,you will khow what it is immeiately,not just in terms of feeling and sensation -much deeper perception happens with your hands.

But if you want to give your energies to something, feet are very powerful instruments.At one time, we were teaching, people how to manipulate the feet to create different states of experience-where to press if you want to relax somebody loving. All the seven different chakras are manifest in your feet. If you know how to handle the feet, you can do many things with the whole system. Today, they call this reflexology, but thay are talking only about health.Because we are interested in life, we talk in terms of experince.

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