outcomes of savesoil movement after 9 months.

In order to stop soil extinction and soil productivity, sadhguru [spiritual leader from india] launched #savesoil movement in march 2022. lets see what are the out comes of #savesoil after 9th months.

Sadhguru reached over 3.91 billion people as part of #savesoil movement by riding 30,000km for 100 day on motorcycle and promoting it on every social media. sadhguru and his team prepared 1093 documents for 193 different nations specifically based on latitudinal position , soil type , economic condition of nation and agricultural traditional and presented to top level people of each country to work upon policy to save the soil.

Originally, #savesoil movement started 25th years ago .This is how it was working: in 2006 sadhguru marked guines record for planting most saplings in 3 days . In 2010 sadhguru awarded by ”Indira gandhi paryavaran purashkar which is highest environmental award in india .sadhguru planted 2.42 billon trees with the help of 5.2 million farmer as a part of ‘cauvery calling.”

Now ,whole world responded amazingly to the #savesoil movement. Indian government invested 19,000 crores rupees for 13 river basins , which cover 67% land of india, same actions will going to take as taken for cauvery river.

Sadhguru formed a group of people in america for ground work on soil enhancement. Also he planned to do some ground work in few india’s states.

 ''What you can do for #savesoil is to raise your voice , raise your voice, and keep it there ''
   6th years i spent planting trees in people's head, that's the most difficult  terrain believe me'' 


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