Who is osho?

Few people calls him ‘sex guru’ or few calls ‘master of riches’, he popularly known as “master of controversy -osho”. I will tell you why he called as master of controversy later, first i must tell you he was a genius. you can check where and when he born and die i am here to surprise you by letting you know how he lived his life.

Hi friends, i am dhruv and welcome to my blog. I have been following osho since last 5 years and he changed my life fundamentally. Osho grew up by his maternal grandmother (nani) in a very courageous way. Whatsever osho demanded she provided without any hesitation. She was also very brave and beautiful. Osho explained how differently he grew up by her nani in the book “glimpses of my golden childhood” which is available on osho.com website to read at free of cost.

 He was very fond to swim in river especially when there was flood in river now you can imagine how couragous he was from very childhood. In his past life he was killed by stranger 3 day before he complete his 21 day meditation process and in this life when he born he didn’t cry or laugh for first 3 days in order to complete his 3 day meditation process.

He got enlightened at the age of 21, upon which he was working from many past lives with a single aim of spirituality. After his enlightenment, he remained totally silent for next few years and then magga baba , another enlightened person who always remained around osho in this life and few past lives said him to help people in achieving state of consciousness i.e enlightenment .He started movement to make at least 1001 people enlighten till he is physically present. He works upon his movement so mystically. He stablished ashram at pune which is currently running by his sanyasins(followers).

He was so fearless and laser like in speech. He never written a single book but talk lots which typed word to word and converted into 650 books. He never allowed single word editing in his book ,it must same as spoken but few people say that books printed after his death are bit edited. This is how  he wrote 650 books. His one famous  book  ‘from sex to superconscious’ is one of the best book i have read yet, is also a controversial book. when he talks about sex so simply and openly in way that very few can speak, some narrow minded people opposed him but he is not one of those who can be  intimated. He always remained in controversy by his choice and fearless nature.

He critisized Swami vivekananda(sometimes), morarji desai, m.k. Gandi, J. krishnamurthy, mahavira(sometimes) and also appreciated sometimes whom he critisized before. He talks upon Krishna, Religions, jesus, science, budhha, and mystical secrets and many more.

If you just begin to read him don’t judge him tooo quickly and don’t just stuck upon his facts because he is contradictory many times in his speeches. Sometimes he proved factually drinking  wine is ok and sometimes proved wine is not a thing to drink.

He left his body in1990.But his work will remain forever.

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