Sadhguru and isha foundation!

Whole world is promoting #savesoil movement now! Lets know man behind movement, known as sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Hii i am Dhruv and welcome to my blog. I am talking about sadhguru who fundamentally teaches spiritual practices to whole world and transforms people into greatest human possibilities. He is introducing humanity to dimensions of life about which very few people knows.

Sadhguru comes from small village of tamilnadu state of india. He is a mysterious man in my eyes and his birth process is also mystery in itself.

Sadhguru born this time for a project which was not completed in his previous life. In this lifetime he established the consecrated Dhyanlinga at isha foundation, coimbtore. Establishing Dhyanlinga with proper consecration process was the project should be complete this time.

In his previous life he was famous with name Sadhguru Shri Brahma. He used to be very fiery and such intense that very few people dared to sit with him. In his whole previous life he worked upon same project and for last 4 lifetimes he was working on same project i.e. establishing a consecrated place which is currently known as dhyanlinga. For some reasons that work remained uncomplete in previous life and with that few people he decided to come back again.

This time he come with smile, talks and jokes with whole world is familiar now.

Sadhguru sometime says that Dhyanlinga consecration was his guru’s (master) project which he fulfilled…

this time, when dhyanlinga consecration completed around 15- 20 years ago, He decided to leave because he used his energy body so roughly, and there were very few chances to sustain but he bounce back for thirsty people and introduced himself.

He offers inner engineering course in 3500 indian rupees as a part of spiritual practice and offers many more tools and services like rudrakshdiksha, yantras and Hatha yoga teachings in order to enhance individual’s spiritual journey. You can check his offerings on official website

Sadhguru had done many social projects like savesoil and cauvery calling.. He planted around 50 millions trees around the globe.

He rejuvenate a south indian river called as Cauvery by running ‘Cauvery calling’ movement and planted trees in lakhs around the basins of Cauvery river.

Isha foundation was established by sadhguru in 1992. Currently, over 4600 full time volunteers and over 9 million part time volunteers across the world runs isha foundation, around 7000 people takes meal everyday in Foundation, whoever comes welcomed by and fed. Isha is running 12 schools in most remote parts of india. In Isha schools, 40% of children are first generation going to school. Over 9000 children are sponsored fully for their entire education. Many medical activities are keeps going in Tamilnadu state by Isha. Many more such activities are performed by Isha everyday.

there are many many things need to be disclose and explored about sadhguru and Isha which i will do in my upcoming blogs. So keeps visiting site and comment out for blogs. Thanks for visiting site!

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