Develop inner strength and get out of dipression.

Long term overthinking and depression can lead to destruction of life . I used to be a man who got totally burdened by life and constant overthinking made me an useless man,But somehow ,i overcome it and i will tell you how i did it.

1.Run daily around 4 to 5 km

If you run around 4km to 5 km daily, within six months you will get good results. If you continue it for 2-3 years, you will be a different man.You need not to run too fast, you can run by your convenience, either on evening or morning. do it for daily,dont take holiday or breaks as possible. Dont forget to take bath after running.

2.Morning suryanamaskara for 1 hour

Add 1 hour daily suryanamskara to your routine.How to do it, here is the link below

3.One day fast in a week

 Do one full day fast in a week ,you can do it by your convenience. Initially it will difficult, but later on you will see the good results from it. Dont eat anything on the day you choose for fasting.

4.Stay in touch with soil 

Go in the garden or farm or ,ground ,at least for 30 minutes to 1 hour ,stay in total touch with soil or earth, dont wear even chappal for that particular time. It will have slow but steady results.It is best to live on a ground floor, but if you live on heights , sitting down on earth in a garden for half hour minimum in a day will be best.

5.Avoid unhealthy and much oily food

For to avoid outside food, or fast food, as much as possible,sometimes  its okay but everyday it will leads to heavyness on your body and mind. 

6.Read all kinds of Books

Don’t read just  syllabus books, read each and every kinds of books which enhance quality of life. I recomend to read osho and sadhguru.

Do all this things for 2-3 years, and believe me you will be a different .


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