chatgpt – my experiment

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Chatgpt is nowadays popular, and i think very usefull in many ways .so what i search in chatgpt and what result do i got?

1 How to get rid of depression?

I asked CHATGPT for “how to get rid of dipression” upon which i already uploaded my blog ,and i compared both content. Well content of chatgpt was quite satisfying but not as usefull as i uploaded. You can try for it. Following is link for my blog “How to get rid of dipression”

2 “How to get enlightenment? “

I asked CHATGPT how to be enlighten , and this question is i asked to CHATGPT because this is the question which google cannot answer accurately. CHATGPT provide broad answer which i think not much usefull, but CHATGPT said something important is that it suggested me to meet any enlightened person.

Well, CHATGPT proved smart in my experience!!

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